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We will implement a multimedia service on Debian. This will allow you to access from anywhere to your multimedia data whether it's photos, movies, or your favorite music. We will have so you need a server equipped with the latest updates.
Here, we will set up this service with Emby, a Free multimedia software and free of charge. It is important to know that there are other software such as >Plex. I made this choice because this software offers us more customization and use options in a free formula. It should be noted that there is also a premium version, which allows us to fully unlock the software.

The parts:

  1. Installation of Emby
  2. Configuring the media server
  3. Comparison of Emby with Plex
  4. Conclusion
  5. Sources


To install Emby on a Debian server, you must type the following command in order to get the installation program from Github.

Once we have retrieved the installation program, it must be executed. Here is the command to be performed for it to work :
dpkg -i emby-server-deb_3.3.1.0_amd64.deb
Now we can move on to the configuration of the media server.


To configure your media server, you must go to a browser and go to the following address : Of course you must replace with your IP address.
You should normally get this :
You must therefore first define your display language, then you will have to define the next define the name of the first user who will have all the rights on your multimedia service. You also have the possibility to create an account Emby Connect if you have several media servers with Emby. It is not necessary to create an Emby Connect. You have the choice, here we do not will not use it.
Now there is not much left to configure to get a functional service. This is the last step you've been waiting for for a long time, once you get to this step : You must now click on media library, then you must define the type of content, films, photos or music. Once you have realized this, you will need to give a name to the media library, as well as the access path. There you go, you got your first media library. You can also define a preferred language for metadata (name, photos, titles, descriptions...), as well as the time to wait before the metadata updates itself via the Internet.

You can have an overview of the server dashboard opposite. It is from there that you will be able to add new users, new media libraries, etc.... You can also add a TV service using an internet connection, thanks to a data library in m3u, or using a TNT dongle that you will have been connected to the physical server or by simple IP configuration.

Plex comparison

Presentation of Plex
Plex is Emby's main competitor. This system is also older and has applications on a larger support panel. It should be noted that this service is free, but the free version is smaller than Emby because we are obliged to have an account registered with Plex services. In addition, you will not be able to too personalize your service since most addons are not free.

The more Emby

  • Adding free users
  • Some free applications
  • Free software
  • Customization of the URL with its own domain name for the Web application
Les moins d'Emby
  • Transcription is sometimes longer than on Plex
  • Some free applications
  • Free software
  • Customization of the URL with its own domain name for the Web application


You therefore have a web application accessible from an Internet connection at Using your IP address, via port 8096. In addition, you can connect to it through applications available on the services of distribution such as Google Play, the App Store under IOS.... There are also applications from other platforms such as XBOX 360, the PS4 and many others still.
The advantage of this service is that it is free of rights and we have the possibility to improve it and make it our image since the source codes are available on Github.
Here is what your server looks like after configuration:


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