My name is Jason LE SCOUR and I have been passionate about the entertainment industry since I was a child. I am currently a student in the field of Live Show management, SOUND option. I obtained my Scientific Baccalaureate in 2017 and a BTS SIO (Computer Services to Organizations), specializing in the field of development, in 2019. During my studies I acquired a large number of skills in the field of teamwork, as well as in learning to listen to a person's expectations. Being passionate about photography and the world of entertainment, I have decided to share with you some photographs of the world in which we live. Indeed, photography allows me to escape. The pictures taken in this way are regularly updated on my Facebook page "Le Scour Photographie". Feel free to leave your opinion or send me a message.

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My different projects


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System and Networks

In this section you will find various articles on the creation of systems/softwares infrmatic, in particular the creation of servers (mail, active directory server, etc.) ...

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In this section you will find documents explaining different programming languages but also some of my achievements.

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Technological Watch

Technological monitoring makes it possible to keep abreast of new technologies implemented. Here you will find a technological watch oriented towards the world of computer science. Come and discover the new technologies implemented by these in the last few years.

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Legal Watch

Legal monitoring is specialized in the field of law. It consists in being aware of be aware of the new legal provisions. This consists of know its implementation, with the rights and duties that we must provide. Here the legal watch will be focused on the IT world.