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What is a VPN?

A VPN means a virtual private network. This is the correct translation of " Virtual Private Network".
When you surf the Internet, you are on a network that is common to us. However, there are many disadvantages to this system. Indeed, with each connection you leave information, sometimes important information that can be read by your ISP but also by hackers. So it is therefore for this reason that a VPN can be set up.
Large companies but also private individuals sometimes opt for the implementation of this system. They choose a VPN when they want to gain in safety but also by browsing anonymously on the Internet. This solution allows us to encrypt our data using different protocols.

Why use this service?

We advise you to use this service to gain anonymity but also to have greater Internet access. Indeed, this makes it possible to unblock the existing censures in a specific geographical area. It should be noted that in some countries there may be content that can be blocked.
Indeed, NPVs offer the possibility to overcome these geographical restrictions by doing without connecting to a server located abroad.
We can take as an example the playback of films or videos that are not accessible from a country, however when you have activated a VPN, it will be then it is possible to read them.

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