Knowing IT risks and threats

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Risk presentation

All connected devices are potential victims of the different types of hacking. Indeed, a computer, just like a smartphone, can be subjected to malicious acts of a hacker.
A pirate uses different techniques to achieve his goals, so that's why he is important to know the different types of risks. So that's why we're going to presenters through this page.
The different threats are sorted by sector, network, software for computers,...


The different risks Description
Viruses A virus is software that can be duplicated on host computers. We can be a victim of a virus by using a removable media such as a key USB or during an illegal download, a program on a platform different of the publisher of the software in question.
The AdWares Adware is free software financed by advertisements. These are the ones are displayed in windows independent, a browser...
They are certainly unpleasant but generally safe. However, there are some adware that can collect your personal information.
The Trojan Horse A Trojan horse performs harmful routines without the authorization of the user. They claim to be something useful when they cause damage important.
The Keyloggers A Keylogger is generally invisible to a device but it is active. The latter is responsible for to record, without the victim's knowledge, the keystrokes on the keyboard. It can therefore recover more easily compromising data such as a credit card code, login or more research needed in the development of a competing company.
The Malware Malware is malware, the purpose of which is to access a user's device without his knowledge. These types of software include spyware, spyware, malware, and adware...
Publications These are software that displays advertising when used. The advertising are often the free software we can use. They can be found on all the supports. We notice them mainly on smartphones when installing an application free of charge. Often the publisher offers the same application in paid version, however the difference is that it does not display a advertisements.
The Ransomware Ransom software restricts access to your computer system. For cancel this restriction a ransom payment is required.
Les Rookits A rookit is a set of software that allows you to obtain rights administration of a position computer science.
Spyware They are collectors of personal information. In other words, it recovers of the data without prior authorization from a user. Thereafter it sends the data collected at a organization. This is used in particular to know a user's habits in order to to offer him/her services or purchases in which they may be interested.
The Worm still in Worm In computer science a worm is a harmful program different from viruses. Indeed, it is a stand-alone program that is generally found on a hard drive. However, worms may not be on a hard disk but only on a hard disk. in memory. However, these are very rare. A worm usually gets in in the form of attachment attachment during an e-mail.
The Wabbits It is a program that replicates itself (but is neither a virus nor a a worm).

Risks on an e-mail system

We all know the unwanted messages on our email, but do we really know what their goals are? We will see this below.

The different risks Description
Spam Spam is an untimely invasion of emails received in an unwanted way on our e-mail box. They often waste valuable time for users who are forced to sort in order to have only the emails personal and important. This also poses problems because some users may inadvertently delete an important mail by sorting the messages.
Phishing Phishing is an unwanted email that however, misleads users by posing as a important organization such as EDF for example. The goal being here, for the pirates, to withhold confidential information from the victim of this deception.
The computer hoax is called hoax in English It is an e-mail that prompts users to forward this message back to his contacts. This may include a virus and facilitates the spread of both propaganda and viruses. They clutter the network and therefore contribute to its slowdown.
Spims Spim works like spam, however the difference is that spam is transmitted via instant messaging.

Attacks on a network

The different risks Description
Sniffing Sniffing is a technique to recover all the information transiting on a computer network. It is generally used for recover passwords for applications that have not encrypted their communications. This also makes it possible to identify the machines that communicate.
Disruption The purpose of network disruption is to prevent the expected operation of a system. This results in thus saturating a network and significantly reducing response time.
Denial of service It is a technique designed to generate service shutdowns, and thus to prevent the good operation of a system.
Les Botnets These are networks of robots installed on machines. They're getting connect to servers through which they can receive instructions. These put generally in undesired functions such as sending spam, theft, etc. information...
Interference Interference is a high-level attack that renders services computer system inoperative.

And for passwords, how does it work?

Indeed, when hacking into a computer account, the problem can be be due to the loss of a password, or the simplicity of it.

The different risks Description
Force connection tests. This technique consists in trying all the existing possibilities to connect to the victim's account.
Word test attacks found in a dictionary. Indeed, hackers have recorded the most common passwords used. This means that a large number of users use a simple password such as Password. Many people have been is being trapped by this technique. The recorded words are tested, then are tried in different orders as in Anagram. At the time of the discovery of a password, it is automatically registered in the dictionary to enrich the database pirates.


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