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Nowadays operating systems have a function within their program, to block certain functions that may be harmful. Indeed, it is designed to protect the data of a network. To do this, it filters the data entering and leaving the computer network. This tool is governed by the system administrator in order to operate as the system administrator does. wishes.
This system includes a function to govern the authorizations of the various connections on the network. Indeed, it is possible for us to help of this tool to refuse all incoming connections, thus avoiding various situations compromising, such as remote access to the platform. These rules allow to implement a filtering method depending on the policy of security adopted by an entity.
In companies, there are two main types of security policy of the the next two:

  • This is either to allow only communications that have been explicitly authorized.
  • Either to prevent exchanges that have previously been prohibited.

The first method is the safest, as it avoids trade diversion prohibited by the administrator, which allows you to reduce the chances of hackers to control connections. However, this requires a precise and binding definition of the needs in communication.
To implement this filtering principle, go to the configuration, then to define the parameters of the firewall mode. For maximum security you can block all incoming connections. However, if you are using applications that require a incoming connection it is recommended to use the first method which consists in authorizing only communications that have been explicitly authorized.

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