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We will study here how to secure as much as possible your social environment on the site Facebook. This will allow you to protect your data and to know how to do this in order to decide who can have access to your publications. We will also see how to protect yourself from external attacks and the best way to protect yourself when connecting to this social network.

Security during connection

Facebook offers its users the possibility to protect their access to its network social. Indeed, you have the choice to enable the connection to your account at the idea of a double factor, which means that you will need (in addition to your password) d n n code to approve the login to your account. This will limit access to it, since you will receive at each new connection to a device or browser not registered a code to enter after completing the login form. The advantage of this system is to know each connection attempt and to limit hacking into your account.
To do this, you must go to the settings, then go to the security section and connection. You will have different possibilities such as change of your current password, and a little further down you have the possibility to enable the two-factor connection as shown below:

We notice that on the test account the connection to two factors is activated as follows than alerts of unknown connections. It can therefore be said that the user is largely protected in order to limit possible loss of control of his Facebook account.
However, it should be noted that the environment of this social network does not yet allow, as the does Google, to make a connection to the code idea of rescue. You will therefore need to have access to each new connection not recognized by your mobile phone or be able to be in contact with friends who have been previously put in as recovery contact.

Privacy settings

On this social network you can pre-program the publication of your articles on the ne of the plug-in possibilities, i. e. you can program the fact that the default publication of the article is only for your friends, in public, close friends This avoids putting photos or posts compromising for all to see. You have other tools such as the bet list or the means to find you. To limit your visibility you can disable your referencing on a search engine such as Google. Here is a capture d ran d d n Facebook account with maximum confidential security :
Of course the risks are not zero, but let's try to secure our activity on the Internet in order to iterate all kinds of threats to which we can all be confronted on a daily basis.


On Facebook there are ubiquitous threats that we sometimes ignore but which are a real danger, these starting from a simple publication. It is therefore necessary to think about the near-publication of our article, photo or even video. It is therefore preferable not to publish photos that could compromise your business. on these networks, since all we have to do is let's make irreversible traces, even after deletion, on the Internet!
Nowadays, many people fail to find a job offer because of their activity on a social network because of a simple photo that damages the reputation of the person.
However, what you publish may also be published under your responsibility and under different forms of confidentiality. Indeed, during the Each publication you can choose its privacy setting. We may therefore publish publicly, or only for friends, or a mailing list or individually on this social network by clicking on the drop-down menu to manage this problem. You can do it as in the attached picture.

Security during connection

Opposite, a capture of an old publication:
We notice that we also have the possibility to go back on our visibility choices by clicking on the small icon next to the eure.

Secure our PC to avoid sending our personal information to Facebook through Cookies

If you are browsing mozilla think about adding the Facebook Container extension to block Facebook cookies. Indeed, Facebook retrieves all the navigation information from your computer even when you are disconnected. It is therefore important to install this extension to limit unwanted advertising.

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