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We'll see how to optimize the security of this data on a Google Account. To do this, we will we need to a Google account, and then be connected with it on a browser.
In fact, this process will minimize the impact of personal data recovery and thus to change our habits against the American giant Google, since it recovers all the kinds of information to develop and know the tastes and commercial choices of its customers.

Security of our activities

We will start by logging into our account from of a web browser, then we will go to the "My Account" option. In this case, the category there are not many options, here is how to disable such or such data collected by Google:
Go to my account, then go to my activity, as shown opposite. By Next, you must click on the three points in the menu bar at the top next to your Google profile picture. And a lot of information are proposed to you. So you can navigate through of the different categories proposed. However, I advise you to first delete all your activity, then manage the different activities by going to "other activity" and the orders related to the activity.

In the activity commands you have several options possible, including the ability to disable what you only want Google to do keeps in memory, such as trip history, history of your research...

Security during connection

You can also secure your connection settings to your by adding the "two-factor connection" function. This allows you to connect to your account by adding a code in addition to your password. Indeed, each time you connect to an unregistered device or to a new one device, Google sends you a code by SMS, you can also configure backup codes in case you do not have access to your mobile phone.
To activate these settings you must go to "my account", then go to connect to google as shown opposite. In this case, the section you must first enable the two-factor connection, so you will then have access to the different parameters allowing you to make your connection easier with various applications such as "Google Author". This one allows you to give yourself access codes even when your device is in offline mode.
You also have the option of defining a device that allows you to accept or reject the connection using a message, this prevents you from to enter the connection code. Once you have accepted the connection, your connection will redirect directly to your account.
Namely, the codes provided by Google only work once, so at each new connection to an unauthorized device you will need to enter a new code to log in.
This feature is very useful because if a person has knowledge of your word password he will not be able to connect to it without you know it and without entering an access code. This helps to protect your counts and limits unauthorized access, or even hacking into your account.

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