Antivirus implementation

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Antivirals are strongly recommended on all connected devices. Today, he there are a multitude of applications acting as a barrier for software and malicious acts. These can be installed on a device mobile as a smartphone, but also on computers.
You have the possibility to install a free version like Avast, Avira and many others... There are also paid versions offering additional features. For that you have the choice, there is Kaspersky, very developed in this field, it is very widespread since we we find it in large companies. There is also Norton. Namely, these are only lists of certain types of antivirus products found on the market, in fact you always have the possibility to choose the one that suits you by according to your needs and means.

Why install an antivirus on your device?

Whether in the professional world or for individuals, your computer requires anti-virus protection. For optimal protection, it is recommended to regularly update it via an internet connection. This allows for software to enrich the news databases threats surfacing every day. This system scans the various data from the device and checks their authenticity.

What to do if it detects suspicious files?

It is advisable to delete these files if they do not matter to you. However, if you wish to keep them, it is essential to put them in the quarantine zone until errors are corrected. This allows to block, for a limited time, as software can harm your installation. You also have the option of not processing them and keeping them as they are that they are. However, one must be on guard against this method and be sure of our action. This is strongly discouraged. The ideal is indeed to destroy the files or at least put them in quarantine while we find a way to recover our data without fear.

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